Web Doctor Reports

I will advise you on how to tune your website so that it...

  • immediately creates the ideal first impression for your ideal visitors;
  • and generates action
  • which leads to more success!

The No-Risk Way to Boost Your Business

I know, you have already invested a great deal of money in your website.
I am going to invite you to invest just a little more, to maximise all those previous commitments... But this time it's at zero risk!!

Easy-to-implement fixes

I'll give you a set of straightforward things you can do to improve your website's effectiveness immediately.

Guaranteed Returns

Implement the changes and you'll start seeing more successful visits, worth a minimum of 5x the cost of the report in 6 months.

Or it's FREE

If I can't give you a 500% return (highly unlikely) you'll simply get a full no-quibble refund. So there's nothing to lose!

Why You Need a Web Doctor Report 

Online publishing platforms and tools have become far more sophisticated in the last few years, which has made it easier to get an attractive and functional website for relatively little cost.

However, in my experience, the vast majority of websites are still let down by some fundamental issues that fall under the broad topic of "design", and which include critical factors including brand communication, navigation, and ease-of-use. The problem is, if someone quits your website in frustration without telling you, how will you ever know?

When someone arrives on your website, assuming they are the kind of visitor you want to -- and can -- convert, either into a buyer or a lead or a follower, there are several vital things that all need to happen, and in the right order. To give a glimpse of this cognitive process...

  • They need to know immediately that they are in the right place, usually without scrolling or clicking anywhere, otherwise they are likely to retreat...
  • They must feel confident that they can find what they are looking for... or more likely to get their needs met on your site than by taking their chances with another search result...
  • They need to be able to find what they want with ease...
  • And be convinced that what you offer is worth their investment (of time, money, or information).
  • And finally they should be able to complete the desired conversion action with minimum stress and confusion.

Now, within these broad objectives there can be a multitude of messages, signals, and options... and every one of them could be a "hole in the road", an opportunity to lose your visitor and fail to convert!

The problem is, it is not easy to spot the holes in this process on your own website, simply because you have looked at it so many times. And it only gets harder and harder over time!

That's where my Web Doctor Reports can help. I can show you where you are leaving money on the table, and what to do about it. What's more, I'll make it 100% risk-free for you. All I'm asking is for a few moments of your time, and you'll discover an opportunity to give your profits a real boost.

What's more, I bring decades of experience working on all kinds of brands (everything from massive web magazines to government portals to membership platforms to e-commerce to one-page marketing sites)… which gives me a massive library of ideas for different approaches to any business challenge.

Crucially, I am not tied to one specialist subject area. My interest is in success, and that requires getting a lot of things right, starting with attracting the right kind of visitors for the right terms, creating the correct first impression, putting across a powerful proposition, providing all the positive reasons to say "Yes!" and also removing obstacles that might get in the way.

I am literally the guy who wrote the book on how to get people to take the actions you want. My book, "Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion" was first published by Wiley back in 2011... and it is still selling, still helping organisations all over the world to get better results to this day.

I have intense experience right across the web publishing sector, spanning a spectrum of vital disciplines, including...

  • brand development
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • usability
  • user interface design
  • conversion rate optimisation
  • search engine optimisation
  • website production
  • e-commerce
  • video production
  • web development
  • advertising management

It is because of this broad experience that I can help advise you on any of the key aspects where your website might have a weakness. (See my online cv for more details.)

Over the years I have invested in a huge amount of analysis, which has helped me to push the boundaries of understanding about what makes people say "Yes" online. Along the way I have created a number of useful conceptual tools (like the Circuit and the Awareness Ladder) to help me help my clients make more sales, with great success.

But I won't stop at just analysing what's wrong. I am also a highly experienced creative professional who has put years and years into helping all kinds of brands to communicate more effectively, with expert graphic design and copywriting, whether it is for web page copy, ads, videos, and even books!

So you will not just get a new direction from me, but I'll present real assets, which might include graphical redesigns, copy rewrites, which will hopefully demonstrate my ideas in a tangible way and which you may be able to implement very quickly.

Even better, my report will not only indicate what to do... but help you really understand why! I'd love to share what I know and make you and your team stronger in the process.

I am here to help you think big and to win big.

I'm ready… if you are.

And of course there's nothing to lose, just everything to gain!

How the process works

The first step is to have a conversation so that I understand what really matters to your business or organisation. There is no charge for this, and if I am not highly confident I can help you in concrete, measurable ways, I'll tell you!

  1. 1
    Agree scope of work, fees, and how we will measure success.
  2. 2
    I review your website carefully and create my report, either in written or video format.
  3. 3
    You make the changes I suggest.
  4. 4
    We review to see the impact... If you have not made 5x your money back, I will continue to work for free until we do... or you simply get every penny back!

Some questions & answers 

What does it cost?

It totally depends on the size of your business, and the opportunity! A Web Doctor report could cost between £500 and upwards of £5000.

In general, the first day will usually deliver the greatest immediate benefits, with additional work delivering diminishing returns, however a longer project could still be highly profitable for many organisations. We will agree the best plan around your needs, which might be a single report or a series of phased updates. In many cases it makes sense to start with addressing the "low-hanging fruit" and build from there.

Will my report be public?

Absolutely not, unless you choose to publish it. I don't reveal any details of my clients without your express permission.

How can you help if you don't know anything about our business?

Actually, the reason why I am ideally placed to help you is precisely because I am not too familiar with your business or organisation! That means I'm in a position to encounter your website as a first-time visitor... something your team can never do.

Can you help our team with implementation?

Of course! I am also invested in the success of this project, so it is absolutely in my interests to help ensure my suggestions are implemented correctly.

Do you work with agencies or only directly with end clients?

I am very happy to work with agencies. If you have a client and need a fresh perspective on how you can transform their success, I'd love to help! You're welcome to get a white-label report, which you're free to brand for your own agency. Ultimately, what we all care about is the client's success!