The Fat Coach

After nearly thirty years as a web designer, marketer, and writer, I started to investigate regenerative farming and alternative health, which led me to co-author two remarkable books.

The first, The Red Pill Revolution (2021), argues that many of the causes of society's problems can be traced to disconnecting from our ancestral roots.

Our follow-up book, The Red Pill Food Revolution (2023), traces humanity's relationship with food from Paleolithic times right up to the present day. Writing that book proved such a life-changing experience, it led me to a totally new life path as The Fat Coach.

The Big Fat Challenge

I set up The Big Fat Challenge with my friend and colleague Phil Escott to help people to experience the life-changing power of ancestrally-appropriate eating for themselves.

The very first 90-day challenge kicks off on January 2nd, 2023, but you are welcome to join anytime!

"Separating Fat from Fiction"

To find out more about The Fat Coach, check out my playlist of short videos where I set out to separate the facts about fat from the myths and lies.