April 4 2017

The Elephant in the Room

Open Source Marketing


Thirteen people have already signed up for the Intensive Group for my new Marketing Strategy Course.

(To those 13, thank you so much, you’ll be hearing from me soon with details.)

If you haven’t decided yet, I’d like you to consider whether marketing strategy could play an important part in your professional business over the next few years.

Because I really believe it’s the missing element.

In Internet Marketing circles it’s the elephant in the room that nobody talks about. Why?

The first is, you can’t bottle it. You see, information marketing is easy money, and the way it works is that you take strategies and tactics that have been shown to work, document them, and then sell the how-to information to buyers, usually at a high price.

Ah, but there’s a problem…. You see, when you take one thing that works in certain contexts and you apply it in other contexts… it may not work.

What would you think if someone said, “Hey, this chat-up line worked for me, look at my beautiful wife! I’ll sell YOU my chat-up line for $1000!”

You’d tell them to stick their chat-up line where the sun don’t shine. Quite right.

But info marketing is very close to that. The info marketers say, “Hey, look at how well Strategy X worked for my launch! I made a gasquillion dollars!! I’ll sell it to YOU for only $4997!”

You see the problem. You can’t take A STRATEGY, transplant it to a different context, and expect it to work.

So you CANNOT say that the product launch strategy always works (at least not with integrity). I found that out only recently, when a team I’ve been advising followed Jeff Walker’s PLF and managed to reduce their sales from double figures to ZERO.

You CANNOT say that funnels always work! Yes, that model and methods will definitely work for some products in some markets some of the time, just like a cheesy chat-up line will work on some people in some bars in a certain state of inebriation, some of the time.

And you CANNOT take copy from a weight loss pill campaign, change a few words, and expect it to be effective selling

But there is NO STRATEGY that you can apply profitably in any situation. None.

That’s the big problem the info marketers don’t want you to know. That is the darkness they dare not face.

Because the truth is, the right STRATEGY is different in each scenario. It depends on a number of factors (but it’s a finite number). It depends on analyzing those factors with truth, integrity, and sensitivity. It requires creativity, sideways thinking, big thinking, analysis, imagination, courage… All stuff you can’t bottle.

The right strategy for you has not been created yet. The right strategy for each of your clients has not been created yet.

That’s why I believe you can’t sell STRATEGIES with integrity. But you can sell strategy as a service. Because there is a way to work it through, there IS a method. That’s what I’ve been working on for the past few years. That’s what Open Source Marketing is all about.

How would you feel about working it out together?

If you take one of the last places on my Intensive Group, I will personally help you master the marketing strategy process by applying it to your own real-world scenarios.

Whether it’s for your own business, or for clients, I’ll do what I can to apply my marketing strategy process so that you come out with a clear plan and you can proceed with more confidence than you’ve ever known.

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Ben Hunt

My job is to look at the world and wonder... "How should we live?"

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