August 31 2016

Spend an Hour in the Company of a Great Teacher



Today I learned that my friend and mentor Alistair Smith passed over into “whatever happens next”.

Our history is relatively short. Alistair contacted me around a year ago to discuss his visions for reconnecting the spiritual and business realms, and his ideas for bringing a new creative vitality into entrepreneurship. We struck up a friendship.

Alistair also told me that he was living with late-stage cancer, but, far from being a death sentence, for him it was an embodiment of his relationship with life. Alistair had a lot to say about his insights with this experience, and I know there will be books published about it.

I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to interview Alistair about life, the universe, and everything, just a few weeks ago (as a bonus for my course “The Path” that I ran recently).

While he was physically very sick on the day we spoke, he felt energised and was able to talk for an hour.

I would love to share that interview with you.

Now, please don’t think this is about marketing or making money, although we do go into the ethics of wealth (which is fascinating). This is an opportunity to walk alongside a phenomenally wise human being on the last stage of his “earthwalk”.

I learned a huge amount from this short time with Alistair. I hope you will too.

God speed, my friend!

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Ben Hunt

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  1. Very profound stuff, glad I had a chance to listen to it. I Like the analogy, greed is like a cancer. The only thing my ego will allow me to surrender to is Jesus. John 3:16 😉

    1. @Terry! Yes, I love that Scripture so much it is tattooed on my shoulder. @Ben Hunt, I just found you today when researching somebody named Eben Pagan, and I appreciate this whole direction you are going in.

      Thank you for clearing some fog (I only want to market my business, not get sucker-punched). I just feel that there are so many people that want to take my money when I am really trying to make some money.

      Just thank you!

      1. Terry, I totally get where you’re coming from. It reminds me of the declaration of faith that Muslims use: “There is nothing that should be worshipped except the one God.” I have wrestled a lot over the years with the importance that people put on money. At what point does it become your god? Can you serve both the desire for personal material enrichment and your higher calling?

  2. Ben,
    This is profoundly and beautifully described, easily one of the best things I’ve listened to in a long while. I’m not sure how many have actually had the opportunity to hear this interview, but I encourage you to share this with a larger audience. Bless you both for this luminous work.

  3. Hi Ben

    Beautiful talk. Thank you. I’ve been trying to find out more about Alistair’s project. Is there a website or other materials?

    Thanks ed

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