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Small Business Marketing DIY Idea

Published 5 years ago - 31 Comments

I’d love to get your thoughts on this idea. Watch the short 5-minute video I just shot in my garden.

In the post-“Web Design is Dead” world, most businesses should never pay huge sums for “Big Bang” website projects.

One critical reason is that the true success of a marketing campaign is rarely designed at the beginning. It is more often figured out interactively over time. A “Big Bang” design or redesign is logically guaranteed to deliver a sub-optimal product.

Success comes from on-going optimization and adaptation… keyword research, content production, experimenting with traffic channels, testing lead-generation techniques, split-testing sales messages, etc.

That’s why the ideal model for businesses and for service providers is going to be Web Pro v2

…at least for larger businesses!

Clearly, Web Pro v2 does not scale that well for small businesses. If a business is turning over a modest amount, target-based or profit-share compensation models will not be interesting for good marketers, who can get greater results faster for clients who have bigger turnovers.

So what do smaller businesses need?

I’m convinced that the answer is for most of us small business owners to do our own online marketing, with some affordable assistance from professionals.

  • I might give you an hour’s strategic consulting that could save you months of wasted effort.
  • For example, if a web pro can get a WordPress site up and running in an hour, there’s no point you spending several days trying to figure it out only to do it once.
  • However, for those tasks that you can do effectively on a regular basis, you should be empowered to do them for yourself, without having to rely on a paid professional! (e.g. social media marketing, content production, SEO, etc.)

So I think we need the right combination of specific skills and strategic guidance, in order to deliver a situation that’s predictably profitable for all small businesses!

Fortunately, the good news is that we have a great selection of tools that we can use to promote our own businesses and trade online (including WordPress, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) These are either cheap or free, and often very accessible and easy to use.

YES — You can do your own online marketing today, without investing half your time learning new skills!

However, there’s a flip side, which is that this ever-expanding range of possible tools can be overwhelming.

So how does a small business actually manage the process of executing its own online marketing, in a way that genuinely saves money without eating up too much time?

That’s the problem I’m proposing to address with a new stream in “Web Design from Scratch Premium”, and I would love to get your feedback…

What are YOUR biggest challenges, questions, or fears when it comes to doing your own marketing?

Do you think a “Small Business Marketing DIY” course sounds like a good idea? Please add your comments below.