March 29 2017

Interested in a Course in Marketing Strategy?

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The Marketing Strategy Course is now live here.

I am considering running a short course in Marketing Strategy, and would like to get your views on it.

In brief, here’s the plan I have in mind.

  • One recorded video presentation per week for eight weeks (probably).
  • All the recorded sessions will be FREE for everyone to access (based on the views I made clear here)
  • In addition, and if there is enough interest, I may also run one or more premium live workshop sessions each week over the 8 weeks.
    • Here you get to explore the material in greater depth, and get direct support to apply it to your own situation.
    • The live workshops would be ideal for those who want to take marketing strategy further, whether to go in depth for your own business’s strategy, or to develop your skills for client service.
    • There would be a fee for these sessions, say $25 per week ($200 total).
    • These sessions would be recorded and shared only with the premium group.
    • Numbers will probably be limited to 50.

Why Marketing Strategy?

The importance of marketing strategy is explained pretty well in “Web Design is Dead”. If you haven’t read that, make sure you’re on my email list. But here’s a quick summary.

  1. Marketing strategy is about knowing where a business, brand, or organization wants to get, and why. It is absolutely central to business strategy, and ultimately, success. It answers the questions: “What does it mean for us to succeed, and how will we get there?”
  2. Any campaign that is based on a well-thought-out and articulated strategy knows exactly what it needs to do and what needs to happen to achieve that. As a result, the campaign will be far more effective and less wasteful.
  3. Marketing today is more complex than ever before, because we have far more options, channels, tactics, and advice. (And much of the advice is misleading!) That makes it confusing to know how the heck to proceed with any certainty.
  4. Many of the options open to us today make it far easier to burn through a pile of money without seeing a return on your investment. This is true for education programs, consulting and other professional services, as well as marketing channels like pay-per-click.
  5. All these factors mean we could be getting to a crisis point for business owners. They will cry out for help to know how to move forwards, but have been burned enough by service providers and so-called experts who peddle “cure-all” solutions that their trust and confidence are at an all-time-low.
  6. That’s where a new profession of Marketing Strategist comes in! A Marketing Strategist is an independent consultant who has the skills to interview a client about what they want to achieve, then help put together a plan for getting there before they think about investing in platforms or creative and technical services. A professional Marketing Strategist can advise on how to roll out a strategy, and even help manage the project, but will (importantly) remain independent from specific service providers.

People, the world is ready for talented and committed professionals to step up as Marketing Strategists. It is very early days, and if you’ve been around online marketing for long enough, you’ll know that’s exactly the best time to get involved.

I want to help launch this new profession, and to do that I need good people. You don’t need to know it all, because nobody CAN know it all. There’s simply too much to know.

Is This For YOU?

  • Do you genuinely enjoy working with clients to help turn their visions into reality?
  • Are you a high-level thinker, who prefers the big picture to day-to-day details?
  • Do you prefer planning and communication over technical delivery?
  • Is it in your nature to explore, to ask questions, to think bigger, or think differently?

If you answer “Yes” to these questions, the next question is: “How do you feel about being one of the first of this new breed?” If you answer “excited” or “inspired”, read on.

Marketing strategy has been one of my main roles for a few years now, and I love it! Why? Because it suits me! It’s the perfect match for the kind of person I am, the way I think, the way I communicate, and the way I want to serve clients. It challenges me in the way I love to be challenged, and it allows me to avoid the tasks that I don’t enjoy so much (and therefore don’t do so well).

And that all means I can deliver more value to more clients more of the time.

I know that now is the time to formalize the role into a well defined professional service. That’s why I have been working on turning my strategy development process into a step-by-step system that others can follow and help develop.

This is only the first phase in a significant strategy that I’m rolling out (with a few partners) over the coming months. (It’s too early to share details now, but this could be BIG. I’m talking about developing this into a recognized profession, complete with on-going professional development, certification, marketing and lead-generation, etc.)

All I need to know is, are you interested enough to know more? I don’t need a commitment yet, but please comment below, including your email address, and letting me know…

  1. If you’re just interested in following developments
  2. If you’d like to take the free course.
  3. Or if you’re also interested in the live training program.


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Ben Hunt

My job is to look at the world and wonder... "How should we live?"

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  1. Sounds like something I naturally do for my client but never knew how to formulate it in a way they could follow, so I would be interested indeed.. Keep up the gd work

  2. Hi Ben …my tech partner and I have been debating this knotty problem for a while now. We agree completely with your view that web design is dead. Like many other web professionals, we’ve been through a process of painfully creating responsive sites from scratch, through to focusing on branding and content optimisation using a framework. In the end it’s all about marketing, however you wrap it up.

    My training as a personal branding strategist is really useful in the way I approach working with our clients to unearth their brand and communicate it effectively.

    The common problems we encounter with almost all small business owners is firstly overcoming their reluctance to spend a decent fee for our services and then getting any information out them. Some clients still seem to think we can bake them a cake without a recipe or ingredients!

    So just this morning I was saying that we need to rethink how we promote our services and work with clients and then I opened my email and saw your message.

    As a long-term fan, my answer is a resounding YES PLEASE!! Please sign me up now. I’d be honoured to be a Beta tester. 🙂

    1. Great feedback, thank you Sue. It does feel like the time is NOW. If there’s enough interest, we could start in the next week or two.

      Note: I think the course should also cover how to SELL strategy as a service.

  3. Great response already, thank you so much guys! I’m happy to say I’ve already seen enough positive feedback to make it worth going ahead with the course, but please keep it coming so I can contact you via email as I progress with the planning. You rock!

  4. Very interested in both free and premium. – It’s only going to get worse the more platforms and options that come out – it is overwhelming for most people. Lots of noise out there too. Anyway I’m in. I’ll either use it for the business I’m in or start a new one 🙂

    1. Love it! I’m sure there *will* also be new business opportunities coming out of the course as well. More info later 🙂

  5. Ben,

    From a personal level as someone trying to navigate through the myriad of marketing choices for my own small business this greatly appeals. If I can gain clarity of strategy through a systemised approach that I can then offer to other SME’s to help them, what a bonus. I would love to do your course and would definitely be up for the paid content. Exciting!

  6. I’m interested but: can you help us to apply one marketing strategy to a real marketing campaign? I appreciate a direct private contact with you. We have many courses online about marketing strategy, we have thousand of courses in conference and seminar, but rarely we have a direct contact to apply notions to a real case.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Anyone in the premium group would definitely be expected to bring at least one real-world scenario.

      1. Thank you Ben. I’ll apply for free and paid session too. Please let us to know in advance when they’ll start in order to organize our timeline.

        1. Will do Maria 🙂 I think I’ll probably offer multiple group sessions per week, at different times to suit people in different time zones.

  7. Hi Ben,

    very interested thankyou in:

    If you’re just interested in following developments
    If you’d like to take the free course.

    and pro course after too!

    Thanks Ben

  8. hi ben
    I am interested in seeing what you have to say – I have found myself addicted to strategy and productivity blogs,
    loving it
    good luck with getting bulk people

  9. Hello Ben! It’s always interesting to learn from you. Count me in. I was happy to see you are planning a new course, and having the chance to learn more about marketing strategy. I would say to all that you are the best teacher we can get, based on personal experiences with your courses before. Thank you!

  10. Learning how to provide real Value to prospective clients and customers is no: 1 on my project
    list. Please count me in also.

  11. I’m interested Ben.

    I’ve using the OSM system on the last weeks with a client and I must say IT’S AWESOME.

    It have gave me a clarity about what really matter and what isn’t as I never have seen before.

    In fact the strategy I’ve developed it’s nonsense if you compare against most Gurus says…

    But this is the way it fits best my client goal.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Brilliant, about to open registration now. I’m very excited about starting this, have been wanting to do it for a long time.

  12. Definitely interested in both. Strategy is something I tend to do anyway and often don’t get paid for – because I come in as a ‘technician’ (copywriter or web designer) but end up doing strategy with them because I can’t NOT do it. It doesn’t make sense not to do it. I can’t help but do it, because I see it, and it’s how I tend to think.

    Far too many people, in my experience, focus on the ‘technical’ things and not on an overall strategy, or an overall ‘why’. They jump into doing, because doing makes them feel productive – and then too often, they spin their wheels, feeling busy while not seeing results. This drives me crazy, and it’s what I want to help people NOT do.

    So yeah – count me in!

    1. Tracy, you’re so right. How many businesses are burning their hard-earned cash simply for the lack of a clear plan?! It only plays into the hands of the purveyors of traffic and the snake-oil marketing shortcut merchants. I’d love to have you on board.

  13. Hey Ben,

    Late to the party – just found you online.

    I’d love to be a part of this as it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    Is it too late? (pleaseeee say it’s not too late) Where can I get the details of what’s happened since this post went live?

    Thx a million,
    Laury 🙂

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