January 22 2015

How Can I Earn My Money?



What? You’re giving away all your products? How will you pay the bills?

A few people have asked me the same thing this week. They say what I’m doing flies in the face of conventional wisdom. They say…

  • No one ever pays for something that’s offered for free.
  • If you don’t put a price tag on something, no one will value it.
  • It’s right that you should profit from your years of experience.

I’m sure there’s truth in all those things, and I’m grateful to my friends for reminding me. That is what conventional wisdom says.

I guess I’m putting my trust in some less conventional wisdom.

I know the world is not full of people who can see the value in something even if it doesn’t have a price tag.

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There’s no secret that I’ve made decent profits in the past from selling information. I’m just choosing not to do that anymore, for no other reason than because my heart says it isn’t the right way. I want everyone to have access to the best marketing knowledge I can provide, if they need it, irrespective of their ability to pay.

I believe in human nature. In fact, I’ve seen it in the past 24 hours, in the dozens of personal messages of support I have received, which have really touched my heart. (Thank you, you know who you are!)

So, in the spirit of marketing with full transparency, let’s answer that question: How will I pay the bills?

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The basic principle I’m working on here is that, in giving this information for free to the world, I will reach many more people. I want to make a real, big, difference! And, even if I’m paying the bills with easy, I’m not going to do that with a few dozen subscribers.

By reaching more and more people, I’m hoping to increase my reach, my brand.

And, by zagging against everything everyone else is doing, I hope to stand out in a world that’s full of noise.

I want lots more people to use my ideas and my methods, and I want them to help me improve them.

And I believe that, by doing that, I can continue to earn an honest living.

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Now, in any market sector, there are always people who want the DIY — “Do It Yourself” — option. They’ll typically have more time than money. Whether it takes the form of an ebook, a video course, or a webinar, they say, “Give me the information, tell me what to do, so I can go and do it.”

There are also those of us who want some assistance. That might take the form of a course with some coaching element, or maybe group support. These guys say, “I want you to collaborate with me, to help me to do it myself, and coach me along the way.”

And finally other people don’t want to do it themselves. They need it done now, and they need it done properly. I call this the “DFY” or “Done For You” group. They may have less time and more urgency, which makes it worth investing in a solution.

All of these positions are real, and they’re all one hundred percent valid. At different points in time, we’ll each find ourselves in any of these places.


First, I want the DIY crowd to use my stuff, to get huge value from it, and in doing so to get to know and trust me. (They may choose to tip me. That doesn’t matter. It’s my gift.)

Just Need Some Help?

If you want a bit of help with your strategy, or guidance on any matter I can help with, I’ll be happy to give you an hour’s consulting over video for $200.

However, if you’d be happy for me to publish our session on my site and YouTube etc., I’ll do that for only $100.

(You’d be amazed what value you can get from me in an hour!)


But there are people who, for whatever reason, need more than the information. And I’m there for them. That’s why I have my Inner Circle group for ambitious web professionals (currently closed), which you can read about here.


Then there are the folk who need it done for them. For this group, I’m offering my services as a consultant. I would love to help you craft an amazing, inspiring vision for your business, or to plan a way to take your vision to market.

If you would like me to help you with your project, just email me direct, and we’ll talk.

Or maybe you need a full service, but you’re sick of getting ripped off by agencies, who promise the world and fail to deliver.

If that’s you, you should consider my Inner Circle project group (closed), possibly the most highly skilled, but certainly among the friendliest, web marketing professionals you could ever meet. We’d love to help you roll out an amazing campaign, hopefully helping your business to thrive for years to come.

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So that’s how I plan to pay my bills in 2015 and beyond…

  • By giving you my best material for free and asking you to try it for yourself, instead of just telling you how great it is.
  • Making myself available to you by the hour, to help however I can.
  • Offering to be there to guide and coach you if you want to be an outstanding web marketing professional.
  • And by providing a team of talented, honest, and friendly people who can help deliver your perfect marketing campaign.

(For more insight into this “stacking” model for products or services, check out my video on Ultimate Web Design.)

About the author 

Ben Hunt

My job is to look at the world and wonder... "How should we live?"

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Your friend from Montreal (Canada). I have been following you for some time. I like your bold attitude. Just an idea that I would like to share with you that could complement your consulting business…

    First, let me begin by setting the table…

    You and I both agree that the traditional web design services is/will become a commodity (that being said, I am still seeing companies buying a WordPress site for $40,000 CAD!!) But regardless of the platform they use or who brought their site to life, they still need to know if their site is…

    a) Performing vs objectives
    b) Ranking on SERP and in what position vs their strategic keywords
    c) Up and alive!

    If any of the above don’t go as planned, they need help to resolve whatever is wrong.

    You and I know that Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and third party software can answer these questions but the vast majority of folks, even those who are close to web design, have absolutely no interest to learn how to do it right, no time to invest in this activity, and no motivation/discipline to monitor it regularly.

    “In business you don’t manage what you don’t measure!”

    My surveys show that business executives (small/medium companies) just want the one page summary, once a week which gives them the ‘big picture’ view. They don’t want to look for it, they just want to get it by email. At this time, most have no clue what is really happening on their web site. They get generic data (total visitors, page views,…) but it does not answer the real questions:
    – What it the conversion rate at each customer touch points (points in the funnel)
    – What path are the visitors taking when visiting our website?
    – How much time are they spending on each page they visit?
    – After downloading an ebook/white paper are they coming back? If so, are % convert eventually?

    Now coming back to the interesting aspects of this service is that…

    1. it would generates recurring revenues giving us freedom of time and location.
    2. The maintenance part of the work could even outsource to a Fiverr Admin Assistant who would put together the information in a nice package ready to be sent every Monday morning.
    3. it does not depend on the site architecture or platform used to build the website
    4. it’s easily ‘scalable’.
    5. selling information can be lucrative (as you know)
    6. it is useful information for the website owner
    7. it is a foot in the door to sell additional web marketing consulting services
    8. it does not require a big infrastructure, Google is doing most of the work for us.
    9. Finally it gives us free time to do good on this planet for whatever time we have left!!

    I would like to have to thoughts on this… I have not stumbled on similar offering in the SMB market. Have you?

    Take care… and best of luck!


    1. Salut Jen-Luc. Thanks for your thoughtful message.

      I’m interested in your idea, and we’ve been including the concept of a model for running/managing an agency and projects as an extension to the “marketing strategy model” that’s already in Ultimate Web Design. I can certainly see the project extending in this kind of direction, particularly if built on a totally free platform.

  2. Im planning on giving away my knowledge as well – and i also got told “dont”.
    I want to run free antenatal class – to allow women to gain trust in themselves and their bodies to birth their babies safely.
    I actually get income from ASDA to run these classes – from bag packing, and also hope that i might also get sponsorship/advertising from some big companies if it takes off – (Ben could this work for you?). I dont get much but enough to cover my expenses, as well as a very grateful public who cant believe that there is someone doing this for free when every else charges £150+.

    I am hoping that women will engage with me and gain confidence – but im hoping they will then sign up to do my hypnobirthing course to learn more about a pain free birth without drugs (yes you can have a gentle pain free birth)

    But yes i am slightly selfish -when i get an email from an extremely happy mum telling me how wonderful her birth experience was, it keeps me going through the birth trauma stories, and has empowered me to return to midwifery (and hopefully will provide a mental buffer against the terrible things going on in the NHS)

    AS a person with zero knowledge of computers, web design or otherwise, as and when i can afford it i become a DFY and do contact Ben for help!

  3. There are still people like you phew.But it is certainly a good form of marketing because people will know your talents and finally after being tired of doing it all by yourself come to you for help.
    It is also a way of helping those who need information for free.

  4. Hello Ben
    Iam new to this site and am so delighted about it
    Am from Malawi,I want to start a computer services small enterprise in remote limited geographic area,what strategy can I follow before I open it up,please I need your advise
    Good luck

    1. Hi Ausman. The key will be relationships. Make sure every customer is delighted with your service. Go the extra mile wherever you can (but don’t lose your shirt). A happy customer is the best advertisement your business can get. (An unhappy customer is the worst advertisement!)

      You may want to do some local SEO to promote your business, or try local networking. People are generally looking for someone they can trust in computer services, so BE trustworthy, and build your brand around that.

      Hope this is some help.

  5. Hai Mr Hunt, through reading different books on the internet I finally came across a determined person and most of all courageous man am happy to follow you too and I will continue following you and consulting were possible .

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