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I'm a freelance marketing consultant, strategist, designer, writer, and developer with almost three decades' experience.

If you dream about making a real difference in the world, I would love to work with you to help make that dream a reality.

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Do you need help with design, web marketing, strategy, technology, and more...

but don't want to spend a fortune hiring a huge team?

Great, you could be in the right place!

I have worked as a professional in the web design, web development, and online marketing sector for as long as it has been around (since 1994!). Over these past 28 years I have performed a huge range of roles spanning web design, copywriting,  brand development, web and database development, user interface design, conversion rate optimisation, and search engine optimisation.

I have also taught design and marketing, presented at multiple conferences, and written countless blog posts as well as several books.

What that means is that I am in a unique position to offer a huge breadth of knowledge and experience that could help you grow your organisation in the right way, built on a clear vision and following a solid strategy.

It doesn't matter to me if you're big or small, a solo hero setting out to change the world, a bootstrapped startup, or an established enterprise. If we are going to work together, all that matters is that your dream is to make the world a better place... and that you're prepared to dream BIG.

How we'll work together

I want you to see me as your partner who's fully committed to working closely with you to make your dreams a reality. That means you can get in touch anytime, whatever you need! However, for that reason, please be aware that I can only work with a few clients at any time.

Step One is to drop me an email, tell me a bit about what you're doing and the change you want to effect in the world. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Step Two, if I think there could be a fit, we'll have a call to find out more about each other. There is no charge for this call, which could be up to ninety minutes. If I am highly confident that I can help you massively, I will proceed to consider a proposal.

After that, it is usually a good idea to spend a day together, but that depends where you are in the world. I really want to get a feel for not only what you do, but what motivates you and why. I find walking in nature is the ideal place to think BIG!

If we proceed to work together, I only ever bill for actual time spent, and at a rate you can afford. Rates are flexible depending on circumstances.

I have worked for a lot of different clients over the years, including some big names as well as countless small business and solo entrepreneurs... but this is the one that really matters to you.

About Me

I started designing websites and database-driven applications at university in 1994. By 2000 I was Head of Design for Freeserve, the innovative ISP that was valued at over $2 billion despite the fact it made practically zero revenue! Such were the bubble years.

Since then, I have worked for or owned multiple agencies, specialising in brand development, design, and web production. In the mid 2000s I started a hugely successful blog, Web Design From Scratch, which I later sold. My first book, "Save the Pixel" (2008) was a bestseller and led to a web design course and multiple speaking engagements around the world.

From 2016 to 2022 I worked practically exclusively for one company, OnlineVisas, where I was responsible for marketing and also developed the first prototype of their innovative immigration software.

My "special power" is the ability to make complex issues easy to grasp, particularly when distilling an individual's or organisation's purpose... something I think of as "hero making" (a bit like Professor Xavier in X-Men, if you like).

Being passionate about sustainable food, I designed and built the platform a few years ago, which connects producers with spare stock with consumers who need it.

My main motivation is to celebrate the human spirit and our freedom to explore living free upon the Earth. I also teach bushcraft and chess and play the didgeridoo.

Free books

Here's some free stuff to help you progress your own ideas, or to find out more about how I tick.

I strongly recommend you also check out my "Expert Liberation" programme (2019), designed to help individuals to break out of the regular world of work and to make a living using their personal expertise and passion.

Save The Pixel (2008)

First released in 2008 and subtitled "The Art of Simple Web Design", Save The Pixel  immediately became required reading for the web design community worldwide.

(2nd edition, 2010)

How To Be #1 (2014)

This is a manual on brand and marketing strategy that explains why it is important to resist the temptation to be a generalist and instead to set out to become the number one biggest fish in your pond. This formed much of the foundation for "Expert Liberation".

Web Design Is Dead (2015)

This ebook explains why just publishing a website is no longer enough to help you stand out, and why what you need is strategy!

Get in touch!

If you think we could be a fit, I would love to hear from you. Please just  email me and we'll set up a call. 

What people say

Conversion Optimisation Client

"The extra sales have already allowed us to stash some funds in savings, hire a freelance person to write content and another person to handle shipping while we take a month’s vacation."

6-year Marketing & Product Development Contract

"We originally hired Ben to help bring more traffic to our website and drive more leads. I can say he over-delivered above our expectations, and also played a crucial role in creating our new software business."