Ghost Writer

Got a story to tell?

Let's share it with the world!

Together we'll turn your story into a book.

Many of us have a wonderful story that the world would love to discover. But not many of us have the time, inclination, or particular skills to turn it into a real book... That's where I come in.

Over the last fifteen years I have written ten non-fiction books on a wide range of topics ranging from business and marketing to food, the origins of man, and even therapy!

Most of these books have been under my own name, while others have been co-authored or entirely ghost-written for clients like you.

I'm insightful, hard-working, and able to work fast! I would love to combine my skills with your story to make your book project a reality.

Read on to find out the full deal of how I might help you.

What kind of book?

It could be any kind of non-fiction title, from your own autobiography to a manual on a particular business or professional method.

Really, the sky is the limit. If you have even the germ of an idea, let's talk it through.

(Of course the final book is entirely yours! I don't require any mention as a contributor. You will be the published author!)

Your struggles, hardships, breakthroughs, and successes could provide inspiration for countless other people.

Books can also be incredible marketing tools. (One of my books was responsible for earning me a six-year / six-figure client.)

Telling your story or the story of your business can convey your unique value in a compelling and highly credible way.

Getting started.

Reach out and we'll set up a free call to discuss your idea or project. I'll help flesh it out or add focus and then we'll decide if this could be a viable project.

If we choose to work together, we will start with an estimate for the approximate length of the final book. 

My fees will originally be based on the estimate at the rate of £1000 per 5000 words. (So, for example, the total cost for writing a typical 60,000-word book would be  around £12,000.)

25% deposit is payable to start the project.

Next, we will spend time to hone the core direction and message.

Working together.

We will meet on Zoom calls, which I will use to interview you and let you tell your story, which I will record and review.

We'll also generate ideas and make sure we are on track for the result you want.

I will write the book draft in online Google Docs, which you can view as we go. You'll even be able to add comments and amendments.

25% payments are due when I have delivered drafts that hit the 1/3 and 2/3 marks (compared to original estimated word count).

Project completion.

The project is complete when you sign it off. Until that point we will continue to work together to get a product you love and want to take to the world.

The final 25% payment is due upon sign-off, and may be updated to reflect the final word count.

Any amendments after sign-off, as well as additional research during the writing process, may be chargeable at my standard rate, by prior agreement.

Additionally, I am also happy to advise or to help with other aspects of the publishing process, including...

  • Audio book recording & production.
  • Cover concept and design.
  • Finding a publisher (or self-publishing).
  • Sourcing pre-launch reviews / preface etc. from third parties.
  • Marketing and promotion.

Ready to start?

Please drop me an email and we'll set up a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your ideas!

"The writing style is very easy to read and highly engaging."

"I read it once in a few hours and have been rereading it with pen in hand to note all of the great ideas I can put to work immediately."

A few comments about my writing

"Wonderful book. I’m about finished and sad it’s ending but I am going to read again. It’s valuable beyond measure."

"I could not put the book down, and read it all in one sitting."

On a ghost-written book


"One of the more honest & informative books on my shelf. Easy to read, understand & digest,"