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Private Consulting with Ben Hunt

(Written on December 1st, 2015)


I have a question for you…

What do you most want to achieve?

Perhaps it’s a change in income, to grow your business, to find your niche, or to enjoy your work more.

One of the things I love about this time of year is that it gives us a time to step back, to reflect on what’s most important, and to decide on what we want next year to look like.

“How is 2015 working out? Did you achieve what you wanted to?”

How about if we fast-forward twelve months? How would you like to answer that question on December 1st, 2016??

Where do you truly want to be in 12 months?

Where do you truly want to be in 12 months?

My Mission

I recently got clear on my mission in life. When I looked back at every success I have had in the past, every time when I have felt the most clear, inspired, motivated, and powerful… I realised there was a single common thread that runs through my timeline. That’s my mission, always there, calling.

It’s this…

To help others by exploring and discovering what works, and then sharing what I learn.

I’ll be totally honest with you. I have made a lot of money in the past simply doing what I love! My ebook “Save the Pixel” probably generated over $200,000 in revenue. My “Pro Web Design Course” probably did the same.

I know I could easily generate a lot more cash by doing the same, writing more how-to books and creating more courses… but that really is not what motivates me!

I have friends who say I’m a fool. But I feel driven to earn an honest living, my way. That’s why I took the personal decision to give away all my recorded materials, and to focus on delivering real value directly to real businesses.

This is my truth: I really want to help people to transform their lives. I really want to get deep into business strategies and marketing campaigns, where the rubber hits the road, and discover what actually truly works for real businesses — not just ideas!

So here’s my offer for you…

I would love to help you get whatever you most want, by getting intimate with your business goals and helping you realise and execute your perfect strategy.

So I have made available 12 hours per week to help business owners and entrepreneurs — just like you — through one-on-one private consulting.

(And I’m doing it at a rate that I think every business owner who’s serious about success can easily afford!)

Here’s How I Could Help You

If you’re open to investing a little time with me every month, there’s a multitude of ways I can help you and your business.

Here are just a few suggestions…

  • Coaching to help you clarify your strategy — and stick to it!
  • Refining your brand and how you want to be perceived in the world!
  • Keyword research to get you more visitors who actually want what you offer!
  • A strategy for integrating social media, blog, email, and a stack of offerings!
  • Designing and running A/B tests to improve your conversion rates!
  • Writing compelling copy to communicate your message powerfully to the world!
  • Or passing on skills so that you can do this stuff for yourself!
  • If you’re a designer or marketer, I can even consult with you on your clients’ campaigns! Imagine what difference that could make!

…or how about all of those things?!

Remember, this is one-to-one consulting. It is nothing like watching some videos or reading a book. This is about zooming in directly on what matters most, taking bold action, and pushing for results!

What My Clients Have Said

Some comments from the past year.

I was in two year-long mentorship courses with high-level Internet marketers, and they never touched the strategy that Ben teaches.

David Cicia, Bliss of Peace

In just a few weeks, Ben helped us totally change our image, our website, our marketing materials, and even the way we serve our clients. I am feeling much more positive about the future.

Connie Galligan, RedHorse Systems

My team of five people had been struggling with some of these issues for years. A couple of weeks working with Ben finally helped us to get clarity.

Bob Collins, iLearn

This was like a new lease of life for me when I started coming to grips with what we’re doing here. It’s revolutionary. I can’t even express it.

Ron Simonsen, Content King Maker

More info

  1. You can choose to have one, two, three, four, or eight hours of my time, 100% dedicated to your success, every month.
  2. Because the rates are so low, I am only making this offer to my followers and friends. This is not open to the public.
  3. I am only setting aside twelve hours per week (48 hours per month), because I have other clients and projects that need quality time.
  4. Not every hour has to be one-to-one. I will happily do strategy, research, or copywriting off-line for you.
  5. You can cancel at any time! No reason required. No refunds will be made, but you will get every hour you’ve paid for.
  6. You don’t even have to use your hours in any month. Any unused hours can be rolled over to future months.
  7. When all 48 hours are taken, I will remove the ability to book.
  8. I can be available at any time of day, to suit clients in every country and timezone. You will use my online calendar booking system to select the hours that work for you.

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