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Content may be king, but massive success is not about publishing content… it’s about publishing killer content.

The world is already super-saturated with boring, ordinary messages.

As consumers, we’re overloaded. We are getting extremely efficient at filtering out crap. Don’t give us any more boring content!

We … don’t … care

So, as publishers, as marketers, or changemakers, what can we do?

The answer is simple. Clearly, if you want to get noticed, get shared, get action, and make any kind of difference in this world, you are NOT going to do it with more ordinary content.

However, the good news is that you can cut straight through all the background white noise, and truly touch people’s hearts (and even their wallets) simply by creating killer content.

If you want exceptional results, you have to create something exceptional. It’s obvious.

80:20 Doesn’t Come Close to Explaining Killer Content

I’m a huge fan of the 80:20 principle, but the reality is that killer content delivers such amazing results that it blows 80:20 out of the water!

Here’s an interesting bit of evidence for you…

The graph below shows the pageviews for the top one thousand most visited URLs on webdesignfromscratch.com over the past five years.

My top post has received 1.3 million pageviews. (Can you start to imagine what that traffic would have cost if you’d paid Google for it?)


You can see that a few posts have had phenomenal success, in the hundreds of thousands of views. But most have (relatively) very few. In fact, if I exclude the home page, and look only at actual posts, half of the total pageviews, over five million, went to the top thirteen posts!

My top 13 posts have had more views than the other 987 combined!

Why? What makes killer content killer content? Why does some material get shared, linked, and bookmarked? Why do some messages knock other (sometimes better) content out of the park?

That’s what I set out to discover with my latest project “Killer Content” (more likely to be titled “Cracking Content”). I wanted to discover…

  • What Killer Content is.
  • What factors make it.
  • And — most importantly — how could you and I create it more of the time?

The idea is to write the ultimate guide that everyone could use to create killer content. Whether we’re looking at blog posts, videos, sales letters, or  need a tool that can help us decide what to talk about, how to come up with the ideas that will resonate with our audience, and how to deliver

Now, I knew that I couldn’t answer those questions on my own. So I have spent the last month interviewing a bunch of very successful people from a wide spread of sectors. I spoke to marketers, healers, PR specialists, artists, writers …  All the smartest people I could find who might help me discover what I needed.

Killer Content Interviewees

Some of these names may be familiar to you. But I’m sure you won’t know them all. So far, I’ve interviewed…

  • Howie Jacobson — Author of “AdWords for Dummies” and wholefood advocate
  • Owen Garratt — “The Pencilneck” pencil artist extraordinaire, who has built a massively successful newsletter on paper!
  • Megan Macedo — Creator of “Be Yourself Marketing”
  • Marion Bevington — Who combines ancient and modern techniques to help people speak in public with confidence
  • Mark Attwood — Serial entrepreneur and marketing genius
  • Dave Vranicar — The master of B2B sales
  • Amelia Campbell — Coach and “heart-centred” entrepreneur
  • David Rothwell — An insight into the mind of a ninja E-commerce AdWords specialist
  • Rob Drummond — Combining pay-per-click marketing with smart email marketing automation
  • JD Gershbein — Who better to ask about how to promote a message than Mister LinkedIn?
  • Ken McGaffin — How to force the market to talk about your message
  • Simon Jordan — Brand development and personal branding expert
  • Ken McCarthy — “The Godfather of Internet Marketing” (according to me)
  • Patrick Allmond — Reveals the power of discovering each client’s personal story (and how he does it)
  • Perry Marshall — Author of multiple killer books, on subjects ranging from PPC to 80:20 marketing to evolution
  • Harun Rabbani — Healer, mystic, entrepreneur, and former martial arts champion
  • Daniel Levis — The copywriting genius shares his insights into why we’re all doing email wrong
  • Rachel Taplin — Shares how to use PR to get incredible traction that outperforms all other marketing channels
  • Richard Tyler — The author of “Jolt!” reveals his techniques for creating exceptional change, for individuals or corporations!
  • Lynn Serafin — Lynn is a leader in the new spiritual marketing movement, and the author of “The Seven Graces of Marketing“. We discuss integrity in marketing, and how you can find your true message.
  • George Kao — Another leading thinker in the ethical marketing arena. Among lots of other great insights, he shares tips on discovering the medium that’s right for you, and how to build content creation into your daily routine.
  • Sharon Small — Sharon Small is the most qualified trainer of two new, radical facilitation techniques: Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling. In our interview, Sharon shares her insights on how each individual’s unique path is not only already present within each of us, but also accessible.
  • Chris Brogan — Chris Brogan is a hugely successful entrepreneur who loves to explore how people use content and community to build marketplaces around areas of belonging. We discuss a range of topics, including the proper place of social media in a connected content strategy.
  • Suzanne Dibble — Suzanne is a business lawyer who created a six-figure passive income by sharing her expertise in new ways. She went on to create a unique programme to help other experts do the same. In this fantastic interview, we discuss several key steps in Suzanne’s seven-step “Expert Authority” process, which has remarkable synergy with the evolving Cracking Content system.
  • Michael Fishman — I was really honoured to get an interview with Michael, whom I first met at Ken McCarthy’s final System Seminar a few years ago. Michael’s an influential figure in the health & wellness publishing sector, a very wise marketer, as well as an astute angel investor. Who better to ask about picking the right thing at the right time?!
  • Brian Massey — Brian is a professional conversion optimization expert, so knows a lot about what kind of content gets people’s attention and results in action. We also spent a lot of time discussing his own content output, and how that relates to his alter ego, “The Conversion Scientist.”
  • Sean Howard — In this great interview, Sean shares the sudden realization that he hated his life in advertising, how he turned and walked away to create something new for his life. Sean now helps other entrepreneurs to find their calling in life, which is absolutely crucial for those of us who want to create something worthwhile.

I can tell you I’m not there — yet. I’m not even close! This project is going to take a few more months.

But I have already discovered some incredible insights.

The interviews I’ve already done have been mind-expanding! And there are themes starting to emerge. What’s incredible is, as I get deep with all these people, from all their different walks of life, the same themes are coming up, again and again and again.

This stuff is changing the way I think about the work I do, and I can’t wait to share it. That’s why…

I’d Like to Invite YOU to Share My Material

I’m letting just fifty people get a sneak early preview into the “Killer Content” material.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  1. Exclusive access to all 21 (and counting) expert interviews in MP3 format, which you’re free to download. That’s a twelve-hour MASTERCLASS from many of the smartest people I’ve ever known. You’ll also be the first to listen to any interviews I add (there are several more in my calendar).
  2. Early previews of the “Killer Content” book chapters as I write them (the book is underway now).
  3. PLUS — I’m shortly going to run a bonus webinar only for the people who take up this pre-launch offer, where I’ll share the incredible insights I’ve taken so far from this process, and try to answer your questions about how YOU can start creating killer content now! (As I mentioned, I can’t wait to share this stuff, but I don’t want to rush the book out either.)
  4. EXTRA BONUS — If you have your own examples of killer content, I’d love to invite you to share your stories, and they could make it into the book.

When I (eventually) publish it, the “Killer Content” book is going to retail for $49 on its own. With the interviews, it’s likely to be $99, maybe more.

But today you can get all the material for just the regular price of the book, just $49, together with the bonuses above.

Believe me, any of the 21 interviews could change the entire way you approach your promotional work — or beyond!

Note: This really is a sneak preview, so I am only opening this up to the first 50 buyers. After 50 people have taken up the offer, you will not be able to buy! So if you want this, don’t delay.

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