Ultimate Web Design

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Making More Profitable Websites

UWD-product-image“Ultimate Web Design” is the powerful culmination of several years of research and practice in usability, conversion optimization, and traffic generation that will show you exactly where to generate more profits online.

If you are serious about making websites make more money — whether your own sites or on behalf of clients — this is the guide you need!

“Ultimate Web Design” is built on the key insight that the way people have been designing websites for the past couple of decades (for design’s sake) is outdated and a new breed of web designer is needed — designers who are dedicated to making websites work, not just look nice.

Website owners can take this course and get immediate insights into how they can boost their own sites’ profitability.

Web designers and marketing professionals: you will find this course gives you a significant competitive advantage: the ability to promise clients that they’ll see a return on the investment they make in web design and marketing.

You can trust the insights and methods you’ll get from “Ultimate Web Design” to make you money – because they’re the same insights and methods that my team and I use every week to guarantee our clients significant profits! These radical techniques are tried and tested – and they work.

Note: The methods I’ll reveal in this course are the exact same methods that my team and I use to guarantee all our clients profits.

What’s Included

The 11 videos deliver over 14 hours of incredible coaching, taking you through every vital step:

1. Introduction
A comprehensive introduction to what Ultimate Web Design is, and the process we’ll follow over the coming 10 sessions.

2. Profit Strategy
How to assess whether a project is viable, and what we might need to do in order to make it profitable.

3. What Makes Web Pages Work
My most comprehensive explanation of the core principles of why web pages work (or fail).

4. Problem, Promise, Appeal
I break down the key first elements that are vital to the success of any web page or ad: Appeal, the Promise to solve the prospect’s Problem.

5. Identity
When someone arrives on a website, how they relate to whoever is behind the site can make an important difference.

6. Positives & Negatives
A simple and quick 7-step process to ensure your propositions include all the positive reasons why visitors should take action — and resolve all the reasons why they shouldn’t.

7. Call to Action
Setting out all the components of a powerful call to action. Packed with tips!

8. Style
The final core content element. This webinar gives you vital insights into when, where, and how to use style appropriate and effectively in web design.

9. Spark
We journey into the mystical world of Pareto’s 80/20 principle, and explore the magic 1% of what really matters most in web design.

10. Managing the Eye
The “Save the Pixel” edition. I take you through the 9 noticeability factors, explain why each one matters, and show plenty of positive and negative examples.

11. Full Method
A complete end-to-end walkthrough of the Ultimate Web Design process, applying 80:20 to each of the 5 key steps.

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  1. says

    I hope everything is well with you.
    Am I buying the course to keep forever or do I just have access to it for one year?

    Thanks for your time,

    • Ben Hunt says

      Hi Rick.

      I think you get it for ever – including any updates (I’m recording a session today, which I intend to add to the course).