Starting And Running A Profitable Web Design Business

Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Making Real Money In Web Design Or Marketing


There are a LOT of web designers and marketers out there.

Simply to compete, you’ll need to know your ideal client, know how to reach them, and then offer them exactly what they need.

To make a profit, you’ll need to get your pricing structure right, craft comprehensive & watertight proposals, and ensure you get paid.

I have run a number of web design agencies, and I’ve also been a consultant for 10 years, so trust me – I’ve done it before, and I’ve made most of the mistakes you can  make…

But I don’t want you to have to make the same mistakes. I’d like to give your web design business the best possible start!

So I’m creating a short course that contains ALL my best lessons.

Here’s what you’ll get in “Starting and Running a Profitable Web Design Business”

This comprehensive course covers all the essential elements of setting up and running a profitable web design business that gets you the right clients, happily paying the right fees.

These videos are online NOW:

Introduction to Business: The Secrets of Making Money in Web Design (30m)

Your introduction to the radical “Ultimate” approach to web design, including the 80/20 rule.

Overview of the System (20m)

An overview of all the essential steps for starting and running a profitable web design or marketing business.

Branding and Positioning (44m)

How you can establish a unique identity that perfectly matches what your market needs.

Marketing (50m)

Real-world practical tactics for reaching more of your ideal target prospects in the most efficient way.

Your Offerings & Pricing (37m)

My tips on what services and packages you should advertise, applying the 80/20 curve; the importance of specialising, aiming high, discriminating, and offering a range of options for different points in the market.

The Secret of Sales (42m)

This video gives you the secrets to getting prospects to say “Yes” to your web design or marketing proposals, my stupidly simple sales system, plus a bunch of smart sales communication tips.

Contracts & Project Structure (33m)

Writing proposals and contracts may seem to be the most boring part of making money in your web business, but it’s utterly crucial! This video should make the whole process more exciting.

Delivery (38m)

How to delight your customers, and get paid reliably and promptly, with the minimum risk and minimum time. (This is essential!)

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And it’s backed by my 100% guarantee!
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    • Ben Hunt says

      Hi Patrick. It’s already included with the PWDC package. Subscribers (in month 4 or onward) will see it as “Running a Profitable Web Design Business” on your dashboard.

  1. Heather says

    Hey Ben – Is PWDC a work at your own pace setup or are we fed the lessons daily? If so, is there an option for those that have the time to work at a faster pace?

    • Ben Hunt says

      Hi Heather. It’s work at your own pace. A lot of people find it takes 12 months to get through, and of course I’m constantly adding new content.