Marketing Masterclasses

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I think this is some of the most important, and most powerful, work I’ve ever produced.

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This 3-video Masterclass series will take your marketing, sales, profits, and your enjoyment of work… to another level!

Starting with the 80/20 principle, I’ll lead you through a process of focusing on what really matters.

This series will inspire you and leave you free to do easier, more pleasurable, more profitable work – earning more money with ease.

The Masterclass Series is over 4.5 hours of high-powered practical advice, and comprises:

Masterclass #1 – “Multiply Your Profits with One Simple Trick”

How to apply the 80/20 principle to generate more money and more time immediately! (This trick could help you achieve something massive in your life!)

This video is packed with specific guidance you can apply NOW!

Masterclass #2 – “Make the Move from Web Designer to Web Consultant”

Shows you how to discover your niche, so that you can make the move from being a generalist to being a highly-paid specialist.

The steps in this video will massively increase your income while doing LESS work. There’s some real psycho magic here!

(Note: The principles and process in this Masterclass can just as easily apply to any business sector – not only web design!)

Masterclass #3 – Quit Your Day Job

I added a bonus webinar after getting feedback from my group, which revealed that many people’s #1 problem was, “How can I finally make the break from my day job into doing web marketing full-time?”

This third video will help you believe that it is possible to get out of the day job trap, plus gives you a set of practical tasks and tactics you can start applying today.

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