Getting Started in Google AdWords (Without Losing Your Shirt)

If you only have two and a half hours to master AdWords, this is the place to start.

getting-started-with-adwords-product-imageGoogle AdWords is still one of the most powerful marketing channels available to you. If you use it the way the professionals do, it can provide you with an endless source of profitable visitors.

In addition to being a traffic source, it’s also an incredibly useful market research tool.

However… it’s also a great way to lose a lot of money very fast… but only if you’re not following best practices!

Over 3 days, I interviewed Iain Dooley – one of the very smartest Google AdWords professionals I know – and got the inside track on how he makes his clients money again and again using AdWords… the right way!

In this 3-video series, Iain will show you how to get the most out of this amazing tool. You’ll discover:

  • The right way to do your keyword research, to identify the keywords that could make you a profit
  • How to set up campaigns to discover what people actually want to click on!
  • Plus, Iain’s simple method for continually opimising your campaigns, to get your profits growing over time!

Your one-time payment entitles you to 12 months’ access to the 3 video files, totalling 150 minutes of the very best AdWords training I’ve ever seen, plus any updates we issue over the next year!

Join me and Iain Dooley for 2.5 hours of AdWords genius

Access The Series Today – Only $47

Or – if you want the Ultimate Professional Guide to making money with AdWords, get Iain’s complete AdWords Training Manual for just $197 (includes these videos and more).

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  1. says

    The timing of this couldn’t be better, and you know it’s quality if it’s got Ben’s name on it. Looking forward to checking out the course and giving it a review!

    • Ben Hunt says

      Hey Darrel, please do add your review as a comment, or email me direct. I think this is excellent content, hope you do too.

  2. says


    I’m enjoying the info, but the poor sound quality from Iain’s [lack of a] microphone is distracting at best and difficult to digest at worst. Ben, you sound great so no worries there.

    A way around this issue might be using a transcription service for these videos.

    Final note–it’s interesting to see long videos (~50 minutes). Most courses tend to be very short. I feel like there might be a middle ground where courses like this one are divided into 10 minute videos–allowing easier navigation and reviewing.

    These are all just opinions and again, the information is good. I just think it could be presented in a tighter manner moving forward.

    • Ben Hunt says

      Thanks for the feedback Jason, much appreciated. I’m glad you’re enjoying the material. Perhaps we can get Iain a better-quality mic, and possibly re-do the material in a few months.