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NOW is the Time to Get Into Facebook Marketing!

In just a few months, Facebook has rapidly transformed from a social network into a fully-fledged marketing platform.

In fact, it’s the most exciting – and potentially profitable – platform I have come across in a long time.

While the Google AdWords market has become saturated in recent years, the opportunities for promoting businesses on facebook are only just starting.

(For proof of how commercially successful facebook is becoming, just look at their share price, which has soared from $25 to $75 in 6 months! And believe me, this is just the beginning.)


And it’s backed by my 100% guarantee!
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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Facebook Social Marketing NOW

I believe there are incredible opportunities for a new breed of marketer… Promoting a few commercial clients just using social marketing on facebook.

First, there are very few people out there who GET facebook!

In my experience, most marketers are clueless, and most business owners know even less! The fact is, there are some types of business that shouldn’t even be on facebook at all — yet they’re wasting time and money trying to make it work. But there are some who can make a killing, cheaply and quickly!

When you identify just a couple of those (which I’ll show you exactly how to do), you can earn great money (how’s $500 every week for just one client?!!) just by running their facebook pages!

But remember, this won’t work for all businesses. It won’t even work for the majority. I’ll show you exactly what you need to look for to pick out those businesses who are a potential facebook gold mine!

Reason 2: it’s incredibly EASY!

Source credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/7348035690/in/photostream/You don’t need any special IT or design skills. You can do it all with a computer, tablet, or even a smart phone! So if you have these, you have all the equipment you need to be a professional facebook marketer today!

The bottom line is, if you can use facebook, you can potentially use facebook to make good money!

All you need is the basic knowledge on how to find the perfect clients, and what activities you need to do each day (which can just take a few minutes).

You really can earn hundreds of dollars / pounds / euros every week… And because you can work mobile you can do it from anywhere and at any time! That makes facebook marketing the perfect earner if you have family responsibilities, or if you’re unable to leave the house.

You can literally do this work in the bath tub!

My course is just 170 minutes long and shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to start right now! I guarantee it.

Reason 3: facebook marketing is GREAT BUSINESS!

You may already have done web design, SEO, or pay-per-click for paying clients. It can be hard work, right?

Now imagine getting a three-figure income for just a few hours’ work (perhaps even a few minutes’ work) each week.

But it gets even better, because — unlike many other jobs — this is on-going, regular work! As long as you keep growing your clients’ business, they’ll see more profits, and they’ll be happy to keep paying. (In fact, when you get the right clients, you’ll find they want to pay you to do more!)

That means you can make a great income with even one or two good clients. Or you might choose to build your own agency doing this for dozens of clients. Whichever way suits you, NOW is the time to get into this marketplace! It’s your choice.

Proof!! One Newbie Marketer’s Story

I have spent the past 4 months watching one first-time marketer perform miracles on facebook, literally doubling one client’s turnover in a matter of weeks!

ben-and-sallyMy partner, Sally, had zero web marketing experience, but had previously spent twenty years as a customer adviser for a major bank. But when she turned her customer service skills to facebook, the results were astonishing!

Sally simply applied her years of experience of talking to thousands of customers and understanding their needs. Starting with her own home business, and later moving on to paying clients, she was able to attract more and more new customers for those businesses — just by managing their facebook page content!

Within months, Sally’s clients were paying $500 per week for facebook marketing. (In fact, in the third month after taking on her first client, she was paid $11,000 in fees!) All this with just a few hours’ work — and with zero professional marketing experience or training!

What’s her secret? Well, I have spent the past six months watching what Sally does and analysing what works — as well as what doesn’t work — to craft my own training course that shows anyone how to make money doing facebook social marketing for paying clients…

Introducing “Facebook Marketing Made EASY”

I have put together the essential training course for marketing clients’ businesses using the facebook social platform.

The three core videos, totalling just under three hours, give you all the essential insights you need to succeed:

  • The basic principles of why and when social marketing on facebook works.
  • I’ll give you my foolproof 8-point checklist for identifying ideal clients.
  • Five case studies of real-world businesses, showing why some succeeded on facebook — and why others should never have been on facebook at all!
  • NEW (July 2014)… Bonus video that lifts the lid on Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm… and how to make it work for you!
  • I reveal the 3 things you must do for all your clients to grow their business on facebook each week.
  • Plus 20+ practical proven tips and techniques you can use today to build new genuine likes, encourage engagement, and drive sales!
  • All packed with the tips, tricks, and ideas you need to start making money NOW.

I Guarantee You Will Make Money!

I am so confident that you’ll make good money as soon as you put this step-by-step guide into practice that I’ll back it up with my six month 100% full money-back guarantee! If you don’t make more than your investment back in profits within six months of buying my course, I’ll refund every penny!

The full course is only $197 for lifetime access… And when you put it into action, you’re guaranteed to make back your investment very quickly!

NOW ONLY $47 – But MUST End Friday 24th October


And it’s backed by my 100% guarantee!
(Note: Europe sales subject to 20% VAT)

Here’s what people are saying about “Facebook Marketing Made Easy”…

“Don’t Even Try Facebook Marketing
Without Taking Ben’s Training!”

I want to offer Facebook marketing to my clients, but my big fear was always, “What if it doesn’t work?” I only want to spend my valuable time and my clients’ hard-earned money if I KNOW I can guarantee them results.

I’ve always loved Ben’s pragmatic approach to web design, and now he’s using the same mindset to break down Facebook marketing, even for total newbies.

Now I know exactly how to identify which businesses can gain the most from Facebook, and for which businesses it would be a total waste of time. Thanks, Ben!”

Sarah PetersSarah Peters, Hazlet, NJ

“Stunningly Simple!”

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the information in this course. I’ve taken a few courses on Facebook Marketing, but none of them thus far has given me the confidence like yours has to get out there right now and start helping people market and grow their businesses.

Going through the real world examples as you did is unbelievably helpful. After seeing the whole process from start to finish I feel very encouraged because I can see how and why this system works, and when it works it makes complete sense why it would!!!

Your 8-point checklist for Identifying Ideal Facebook Clients is genius! It never even occurred to me before that Facebook might not work for every business. I believe your course has potentially saved me countless hours and a a great deal of grief from trying to market clients on Facebook when their businesses simply aren’t suited to this model.

Most avenues to being self-employed involve a fairly steep learning curve, not to mention all the tech/marketing aspects you need to understand. I have to say this avenue is stunningly simple yet extremely effective.

So thank you again. I enjoyed your course very much and it’s very timely for me. I’ll let you know how I get on!!!

RachelBriscoeRachel Briscoe, Tring, UK

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And it’s backed by my 100% guarantee!
(Note: Europe sales subject to 17.5% VAT)