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I have written a series of books on how to make websites work, and how to make your life more satisfying. All FREE to download below!

Web Design Is Dead (2015)

3d cover“Web Design Is Dead” traces the incredible growth of online publishing technology over the past twenty years, up to a recent tipping point, which is causing the web design sector — as we have known it — to be torn apart.

Web designers, online marketing generalists, and the whole client sector need to adapt urgently to be ready for what comes next.

I explain all your options, and show you how you can take full advantage, and not just survive but thrive!

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“Web Design Is Dead was jarring to accept but awesome!”

Finished your book and so want to get on board as a Strategy Specialist.

There is such an overwhelming amount of knowledge out there but its so hard to filter out what’s good/bad or applicable.

I totally believe in everything you’re doing and am going to use it as my guide to learn the pieces that I don’t know that I don’t know.

~ Karissa

How To Be Rich Today (2014)

How To Be Rich Today

“How To Be Rich Today” takes you through a significant lifestyle shift that our family went through in 2013-2014.

We realised that the key to being “rich” is not money, but time.

Time is the one resource that can never be replaced.

The book sets out a wide range of things you can do in your life, to realise more time, and to make your money work for you (instead of the other way round).

How To Be #1 (2012)

How-to-be-Number-One-3DIn 2012 I was fascinated with niche marketing. As I started to notice and collect niche marketing tactics, the ideas formed into a book (which I originally sold for $197).

“How To Be #1” makes a strong case for specialising and owning your particular “thing”.

It also provides a pretty comprehensive step-by-step guide to…

  • Identifying your perfect niche
  • Tactics for occupying it
  • And ideas for making money from it

50 Web Design Secrets (2011)

50-web-design-secrets-3D“50 Web Design Secrets” is a compilation of special insights and tips into effective online marketing, drawn from my email newsletters.

It’s an easy, quick read, which gives you an insight into the mindset of the successful web designer.

[content_container max_width=’600′ align=’left’][thrive_testimonial name=”Jools Hunter Smith” company=”” image=””]I read Ben’s “50 Web Design Secrets” from beginning to end, twice… there was no fluff, no pretense .. it really was a breath of fresh air.[/thrive_testimonial][/content_container]

Save the Pixel (2008 & 2010)

STP-3D“Save the Pixel – The Art of Simple Web Design” was my first ebook, and has sold many thousands of copies since its initial publication in 2008. An updated second edition came out in 2010, with new case studies and examples.

It really is the manual for minimalist web design, and has proved an invaluable resource for designers and developers.

[content_container max_width=’600′ align=’left’][thrive_testimonial name=”Tim Marsh” company=”” image=””]I can’t remember how I discovered Save the Pixel; it was so long ago. However, I am so glad I did. Save the Pixel, an ebook by the mercurial Ben Hunt, is ostensibly a book about web design. Once you dig deeper, though, you realise it is a whole lot more. I have scribbled “THIS IS THE BIBLE” on my printed copy, and all the pages are dog-eared, with multiple plastic page markers. There are notes all over it. (More…)[/thrive_testimonial][/content_container]

It used to cost $27, but now I’m giving it to you for no charge.